Jason Fox, Chairman

Fox Machinery

Founder and Chairman

·     Sales of oil rigs and petroleum machinery in the overseas market

·      Travel throughout the Middle East and Asia building business relationships

·     Attend global conventions to expand customer base and enter new markets

Fox Aviation

Founder and Chairman

·     Jet aircraft management, charter, acquisition and sales company

·     Provided aviation services to high-profile clients including Fortune 500 CEOs, casino high-rollers, VIPs and high-net-worth individuals

·     Specialize in wide-body, long and ultra-long-range global business aircraft and VIP airliners for clients in the U.S., Middle East and Asia

·     Founded the company to manage Mr. Fox’s corporate jet aircraft

Fox Industries

Founder and Chairman

·     Real estate construction and development

·     Built residential tract housing and high-end condominium projects

Fox Drilling

Founder and Chairman

·     Oil & gas exploration and contract drilling

·     Operate internationally with a large fleet of rigs and employ more than one thousand employees worldwide

·     The company grew rapidly to be one of the larger oil drillers in the U.S.